Monday, May 26, 2014

A Proper Introduction.

Which where?
When it comes to approaching ideas, the first things I'm left wondering are, which where does this fit into? What's that supposed to mean? Well, it's simple, everything is somewhere out there, now which where do I put it that makes sense, and is that where here or there, or between? 
So where does all this fit into? If I keep with this to any extent...The idea is that the wheres are game dissections of some sort. What sort? Probably narrative. A little gameplay maybe. We'll find the where when we get there. 

Why games?
Why not books if for narrative, why not movies? Why? Because games are more interesting to me. Why? Because you fill the shoes, you're the hand up the puppets' backs of the driving forces of games. That alters your mindset in a way that books and movies can only ever mildly hope of achieving. Books, depending on the perspective from which they're written make you a distant telepath or god. Movies make you a reviewer of fantastical documentaries of events you may never experience.
Games make you the main actor, director, and experiencer in a way that neither of the aforementioned media are capable of making you, through something as simple as interactivity.

Why care?
No reason to, really. I probably won't even maintain this very well, and my thoughts are rarely very organized or coherent except in spurts. However, more seriously, games are a great way to keep the mind active and can potentially help develop empathy through the deeper experiences they may provide. It does everyone a disservice if they are not carefully analyzed for where they achieve this well and where they fall flat on their face trying to be something they're not (mostly movies). 

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